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Crazy Rat Lady

The Collectible

No hi, no hey, no nuthin. Unhand me, fool. If you're planning on me collecting dust for your bookshelf, I'm already sprinting. One day, you'll wake up and I'll be somewhere partying it up in Alaska... Unless you live in a sitcom house, I'll consider staying. Straight out of your screen and into real life, Tabbes stands 4.5 inches tall wearing her puffy red winter jacket, rolled up blue jeans, crimson sneakers with yellow laces and holding a baseball bat over her shoulder. She gives us a cheeky grin and comes with a yellow gold crown on top of her head. Tabbes and Youtooz artists illustrated her window box in the style of her content, using deep blue’s on the front and modeling the style after her videos. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Tabbes

Tabbes is an animator who tells lovely, interesting stories through her unique art style. Her voice doesn't match her appearance. She is pretty chill and loves sarcasm!

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