Team RAR
$29.99 USD
Rare and Ridiculous

The Collectible

What is RAR?

  1. (Noun) One that is rare; A person that stands against the grain; an individual that challenges the impossible.
  2. (Adj.) Rare and ridiculous; A rare bird.
  3. Origin (Latin): Rara Avis

The Team RAR Youtooz comes in a clear PVC space helmet and stands 4.6 inches tall. Their space mascot wears an orange space suit, complete with a green Team RAR logo. Inside the suit is Team RAR space themed mascot. The window box was designed with a flat, outer space theme following the style of Team RAR’s artists direction. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Team RAR

Team RAR is a collective of friends creating content which follows their adventures, challenges, experiments and daily life. They don’t want to grow up and strive to inspire by being one of a kind people who stand against the grain.