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Blood God

The Collectible

Technoblade has arrived on Youtooz in striking fashion. Standing a tall 4.95 inches in height, this collectible is as intricate as he is sarcastic. This piece comes together featuring a beautiful gold crown with individual gems forged into the vinyl, combined with a buttery smooth snout and fully sculpted ears, tongue, teeth and mouth. Technoblade laughs as he looks over the sea of his enemies defeated with ease, armed only with a diamond sword slung over his shoulder. His royal gown, buttoned dress shirt, belt and pants were meticulously crafted by Youtooz out of our legendary high-quality vinyl. The packaging was designed hand-in-hand with Technoblade to show the throne of this king of pigs. The interior features a mountain of crispy bacon while the double-walled window-box comes packaged in a matte, protective outer sleeve styled to resemble a banner of victory.

About Technoblade

King of the pigs, destroyer of orphans, professional cyberbully, and the hottest elbows on Youtube. Technoblade is regarded by many as internet royalty in Minecraft. Blood for the blood God.