Ted Nivison
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The Collectible

Wearing the classic Milk Man outfit, watch and holding a jug of milk, Ted Nivison, reformed water connoisseur and arguably the internet's expert on grilling is at Youtooz. This fun collectible is sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl and comes with a window box styled after Ted's backyard. You see a stand of CRAM, pine trees, of course a grill, and classic wood fence. Bonus: buy Ted Nivison, Traves, Cscoop and Slimecicle to get a Lunch Club x Youtooz collaboration poster hand-signed by Traves, Cscoop, Ted Nivison, Slimecicle, Callmecarson and JSchlatt.

About Ted Nivison

Grilling is an art form, one might say. It takes a special type of skill, a special type of dad to achieve. Grilling is an ability one is born with. One does not simply learn how to grill. It has to be in your blood, in your lifeline, in your soul.

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