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Gunmetal Grey

The Collectible

Bless me Shigaru! Here you are reading this, looking at the back of my kart. Adrenaline is searing through my veins and I am about to win yet again, but all I can think is, “Can you hear a blue shell?” Why did you open this? Hello, I’m the Terroriser, riding my car at 4.7 inches tall, joining the Youtooz universe! Looking dashing with brown coloured hair, Terroriser is wearing a white round neck t-shirt, tucked into his blue pants. He wears a gunmetal coloured leather jacket and shoes. The detail of his kart includes yellow and white highlights, and a crest on the front. His left hand is holding a yellow coin while his right hand holds the steering wheel. Terroriser’s sleeve is beautifully illustrated to show the racetrack flag and yellow coins. His double-walled window box includes drawings of the track, light posts and clouds. The interior of his packaging was drawn to show clear skies on a beautiful race day. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve inside a shipping carton sealed with Youtooz tape.

About Terroriser

Brian also known as Terroriser is an Irish Youtuber from Dublin who uploads video games and occasionally vlogs, having grown to millions of viewers internationally. He is exactly 5’11 and loves to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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