Therapy Gecko Plush (9in)
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At-home Therapist

The plush

Therapy Gecko has become a Youtooz plush! This adorable gecko sits at 9 inches tall in a fluffy red high-back chair with his gecko feet sticking straight out and a long tail slipping out to the side. His multi-toned green body sinks into his comfy chair while his arms relax on the sides. Lyle's green face and beard poke out from within his gecko costume, while on the top of his head is a pair of black nostrils sitting between the big gecko's eyes that flank either side of his head. This plush is absolutely packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of a minky material! Absolutely perfect for cuddling and confiding in.

About Therapy Gecko

Therapy Gecko AKA Lyle Forever, is an American performance artist, podcaster, and comedian and best known for his therapy sessions dressed as a gecko, where he receives calls from his viewers and does his best to give them feedback. He has gecko’d his way into nearly 500k subscribers across YouTube and Twitch.

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