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The Collectible

So, I got a new fish and his name is blue-berry. And since I was getting a new fish I decided I'd get some new plants for my fish tank right? TheSeaRabbit appears on Youtooz as a lounging, extra chill figure. Sculpted wearing his trademark red sweater, lauding in sweat pants, he grins ear to ear at us while pointing a finger gun. Measuring 3.1 inches from top the bottom, this figure has a width of 4 inches. The beautiful window box was drawn by SeaRabbit and implemented by Youtooz artists. It shows a slew of animated characters playing guitar, holding flowers, skateboarding, all riding a wave of paint stemming from one giant paintbrush. The collectibles hips in an embossed, matte, protective outer sleeve.

About TheSeaRabbit

TheSeaRabbit is an animator and Youtube creator with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He publishes comics aside from his animations.

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