Toby (1ft)
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1ft Ambiguous Pink/Off White

The Collectible

One of the most hype Season 1 Youtooz released, Toby's anniversary edition collectible arrives in a 12 inch format. Sculpted out of high quality material, this art piece is a limited run of a scaled up version of Toby's first release. In it Toby wears a pink hoodie stamped with her name, holds a pink vape in one hand and a designer handbag in the other which bears a custom yellow strap with Toby on the Tele branding. On the head are custom white and pink headphones which compliment Toby's cheerful expression. The figure ships in a custom built display box featuring hinge action. The box includes a custom scene inside Toby's bedroom and protective foam on the interior designed in collaboration with @UpgradedTrash_.

About Toby on the Tele

The one and only ambiguous, pink, queen of the internet. Located somewhere in Melbourne, Australia; Toby can be found wearing designer fashion, streaming or recording at home in her room. If you're going shopping, you want Toby with you. She can draw and is an expert at playing games on Twitch. Once a week she co-hosts the Misfits podcast with Fitz, Swaggersouls, Zuckles, McCreamy, and iNotorious.