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The Collectible

HELLO. IT IS ME BIG MAN MR INNIT (AKA TOMMYINNIT). I AM WRITING THIS TO REMIND YOU TO BUY MY YOUTOOZ. THEY TOLD ME TO DESCRIBE MYSELF BUT THERE ARE NO WORDS THAT CAN DESCRIBE ME SINCE I RADIATE TO BIG AND MASSIVE AND HUGE OF AN ENERGY HAHAHAHA. THIS IS SO FUN TO WRITE I LOVE WORDS AND WOMEN - Tommy holds a detailed vlog gun in one hand and two incredibly important music discs in the other. On his face, he’s pogging! He’s pog champing! His red & white T-Shirt contains a print of the word “TRUSTY”. Upon close inspection, a wad of green cash sticks out of his front pocket, most likely collected from scamming people. He wears brown cargo trousers which are tucked into a pair of sneakers. Tommy’s window box is illustrated to place his Youtooz in game, leaning on a music block. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Tommyinnit

Tom Simons, also known as TommyInnit is a content creator living in the United Kingdom. He has been streaming consistently on Twitch since 2018 and has grown to a fanbase of millions, known for his amusing sense of humour.