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Hi guys, Top pops here! Today we are going to be taking a look at my very own Youtooz. So let's get started. My Youtooz stands 5 inches tall and took months of back and forth to develop. Among one of the most detailed Youtooz released so far in 2021, the figure features myself wearing a sculpted golden crown while holding… a miniature version of myself! Talk about inception. I’m wearing my navy blue hoodie and a print of a custom designed Top Pops x Youtooz logo on the chest. Look closely to see the Youtooz eyes on it! My expression is happy, with a red tongue visible in an open mouth. The individual pieces of brown hair on my head are sculpted underneath the crown. In my other hand I hold a DSLR that’s mounted on a GorillaPod for convenient filming. My shorts have a black print of a shark, while my shoes are painted a bright red with white shoe laces. I wear a red open backpack which has 3 Youtooz boxes inside, probably because I’m on my way to review them! The three mini Youtooz in my bag are Harambe, Doge and Do U Fart? I arrive in a double-walled window box which was illustrated to show me and the mailman hanging out in a mountain of shipping cartons. The interior shows hundreds of Top Pop Youtooz boxes lined up on my shelf at home. This collectible also ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve. Thanks for watching! *click*

About Top Pops

Tristan, also known as Top Pops, is a Canadian toy collector and content creator with a fast growing Youtube channel which has garnered millions of views for his incredible collections.