Lunch Club
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The Collectible

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Put your hands up! Traves whirls into Youtooz on a rollercoaster. He's loving life, and ready to make your day with some hilarious content. He's sculpted with a lovely bowtie and is seen holding his hands up with excitement as he gets whipped around the track. His double-walled window box is inspired by Traves effortlessly riding a rollercoaster high, high in the beautiful blue sky. Bonus: buy Traves, Slimecicle, Ted Nivison and Cscoop to get a Lunch Club x Youtooz collaboration poster hand-signed by Traves, Cscoop, Ted Nivison, Slimecicle, Callmecarson and JSchlatt.

About Traves

Traves is an American content creator who is best known for his gaming videos. He loves riding rollercoasters and recording with his crew, the Lunch Club.

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