Trevor Wallace
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The Collectible

Sup Lil Beach! If you ain't lit, you ain't sh!! Smells sober... I can fix that. Trevor Wallace arrives as a Youtooz in his Kyle character. Pissed off at his dad, Kyle comes with a chunk of drywall stuck on him from him lashing out. The drywall has the crudely spray painted words fucc u dad. He holds a black can of self branded Kyle energy, with the green drink spraying out. Over his grey t-shirt is a camo printed jacket which hands over a pair of blue jeans that are completed by white sneakers. His bright orange beanie and dyed platinum blonde hair completes the look of a stereotypical Kyle in the wild. The window box is illustrated using inspiration from Trevor Wallace’s favorite characters. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Trevor Wallace

Trevor Wallace is a comedian, writer, actor and Youtuber living in the United States of America. He has grown to millions of views online and is known for his impersonations of various North American stereotypes and improv comedy.

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