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July 15–22

The Collectible

Only the best driver in the city would get his own figure. We can all stop the arguing now. I am the best driver. It’s literally printed on the back of this collectible. This is not propaganda. You can tell it’s not propaganda because I said it’s not propaganda. Standing 4.7 inches tall, Treyten wears a green hooded jacket, with the hood covering his head. His face dons clown makeup, with blue eyebrows, and a blue goatee. He wears black skinny jeans which are tucked into green high boots. His jacket includes patterned prints on the shoulder and back. His double walled window box shows a sports car crashing out of a window of a shop on the ground level of a city. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Treyten

Treyten is a content creator on Youtube best known for his gaming videos, crazy stunts and experience driving in GTA. Since starting his channel in 2018, he has grown to hundreds of millions of views!