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The Collectible

Doest thou be angered brethren? It is I, the troll you hath missed. There be’th a problem? The classic, original troll face. Now considered a boomer relic, back in the day Troll face was a right of passage for early internet users. This collectible is 3 inches tall, and includes only the Troll face head. It is able to balance on its own on your desk. A companion for those nostalgic of the old days, or an ironic gift for someone you know who may have a dark side on the web. The wrinkles, facial features, nose and teeth are all sculpted in this figure. The double walled window box is illustrated to show the troll hiding behind his computer screen, baiting innocent internet users on forums and social media.

About Troll Face

Troll Face is a rage comic character with a mischievous smile, representing the expression of an Internet troll from a far gone era. Originally designed on Microsoft Paint by Carlos Ramirez, an 18 year old Oakland College student, Trollface has become one of the most globally renowned memes of all time. 

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