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Deffo Flirting

The Collectible

Heeeeeeelllloooooooo! Kills 99.9% of bacteria not 100% tho so you should probs not use it to kill the bacteria. That would be inappropriate. Also it's important to note that batteries are not included. Tubbo sails his way down the river in a wooden boat full of bees. He wears a green collared shirt, guitar on his back and holds wooden paddles in his hands! He smiles as he gets carried down the water, which was carefully sculpted by Youtooz artists as a base tilting the collectible to one side. Each bee has a unique expression, He wears blue jeans, which look wonderful paired with the bright yellow interior of the window box. The exterior is illustrated to show a beautiful scene of Tubbo floating through a peaceful forest. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Tubbo

Toby Smith, also known as Tubbo online is an English content creator, streamer and Youtuber. His channel exploded in growth in 2020, where he is known for his good spirit and Minecraft gameplay.