Tubular Traves
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Cookies N’ Mlik

The Collectible


I don't actually think using a cookie as a surfboard would be the best choice, the milk waves will make it soggy causing you to fall into a milky ocean. Tubular Traves surfs onto the scene throw up a shaka brah in one hand, surfing a giant chocolate chunk cookie, with a mini doggo between his legs! The doggo has a sculpted blue bow tie and red trunks. Traves wears black hypebeast sneakers on his feet for maximum grip during the surf. His dark blue swim trunks contain repeating white paw prints. On his body he wears a hoodie which is scrunched up hiding his head. Below the cookie is a wave of milk, capturing the moment Traves makes his way through the universe. His packaging was designed with tsunamis of milk and cookies floating through. The collectible ships in a matte, embossed, outer sleeve.

About Traves

Traves is an American content creator who is best known for his gaming videos. He loves riding rollercoasters and recording with his friends.

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