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The Collectible

Once upon a time I had a dream that cats could fly and donuts could talk. Then I woke up and realized someone broke my bed. Unspeakable and his enormous tongue comes to Youtooz in daring fashion! Inspired by his in-game avatar, Unspeakable stands 4.7 inches tall with a detailed body sculpt, unique face and extra long tongue. This figure captures Unspeakable's wacky personality and unique look. The window box is inspired by Unspeakable's usual gaming environment. This figure ships in a matte, embossed protective sleeve. Stay awesome, stay safe, stay Unspeakable!

About Unspeakable

Nathan, also known as UnspeakableGaming is a gaming creator known for his Do Not Laugh challenge videos and ingame content. He's recognized by his unique green avatar which contains an extra long tongue. He began uploading at 13 years old and hasn't stopped since, gaining millions of fans along the way!

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