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Bat Owl

The Collectible

Vanoss peers over a crime filled city perched on a concrete block with the word Alright spray painted in dripping white graffiti on the front. Sculpted at 4.8 inches high, his feathers are as detailed as his tool belt. He holds a banana in one hand and his signature black and yellow duffel bag in the other, complete with a stamp of his logo on the back. His beak and facial features were meticulously sculpted by Youtooz artists to capture a typical Bat Owl moment. He wears fingerless gloves and grey boots. The window-box was illustrated using black and yellow, showing off the bat owl signal in the dead of night as Vanoss prepares for a busy night of protecting the metropolis. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About VanossGaming

VanossGaming is one of the most subscribed and viewed gaming channels on YouTube. It features comedic videos of Evan Fong, also known as Vanoss, playing games with his friends.

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