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Doodle Graffiti

The Collectible

Youtooz brings Vexx's signature doodle art to life with the release of his limited edition collectible. This figure is extremely detailed. It was developed over a period of one year with close collaboration between Vexx and Youtooz designers. Vexx began the artistic process by sketching out a concept of himself spray painting a street mural made up of his most famous doodles. To make this figure fit into the packaging, our artists wrapped the graffiti around Vexx's body in a 360 view, while maintaining the integrity of the original artwork. Each color was selected from the original markers used by Vexx during his design process. The figure itself shows a kneeling Vexx, in a blue hoodie, wearing a respirator and holding a can of spraypaint. Out of the can emerges a beautiful scene straight out of Vexx's imagination. The doodles come to life in the form of 3 dimensional graffiti. The UFO contains a clear plastic glass bulb which houses two eyeballs complete with eye lashes. On the bottom of the graffiti is a stack of multi-colored bills, a flower bearing a dead inside expression, a one eyed creator in a mask, as well as a boom box, explosion and additional doodles wrapping around the figure. On the feet are designer sneakers, picked out of Vexx's wardrobe. The packaging was illustrated by Vexx specifically for this collectible release with soft-tipped velvet markers. The figure ships in an embossed, matte protective outer sleeve.


About Vexx

Vexx, also known as Vince Okerman is a skilled illustrator. His striking art style incorporates colorful doodles, occasionally accompanied by realistic drawings. Growing up in Belgium. Vexx's work has propelled him to millions of subscribers on Youtube.