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May 4–11

The Collectible

He has posted more Youtube videos than days he's been alive, and should probably get a real job, Vikkstar also known as the Tomohawk King is now a Youtooz! As part of the official Sidemen x Youtooz collaboration, this figure stands 4.6 inches tall and sees Vikkstar wearing a sleek, black and gold outfit, gold watch and sweatband on his wrist, all while clutching a shiny gold star in his hand. Known for his kindness and consistency, taking one look at this collectible is guaranteed to make anyone smile. Full of jokes and joy, Vikkstar's packaging was designed to reflect his gaming setup. A monitor, mouse and keyboard, as well as a camera on a tripod await as Vikkstar gets ready for another day on the grind. Shipping in a double-walled window box, the matte, embossed protective sleeve bears the Sidemen logo with the letter 'M' visible from the rear.

About Vikkstar

Hey guys it's me Vikkstar123, Vikram "Viktor" Singh Barn, also known as Vikkstar is a creator from the United Kingdom. He makes gaming and lifestyle content, and is known for pushing the Sidemen to new lengths with his go getter attitude and positive spirit.