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You tried. You failed. Let's go to sleep. Look. Dealing with me will never be a walk in the park, and you can't pretend that it will be. When you try to deny me, I get frustrated, and I lash out. You talk about how I work with you now, and that's great, but I need you to work with me too. Beautifully designed using dark, emo colors. Virgil collectible implements trademark purple hues. Wearing ripped black skinny jeans and black boots with purple laces, he stands slightly hunched over with hands in his pockets feeling apathetic. Virgil Sanders comes in a deep purple double-walled window box with a patterned design. This collectible stands 4.7 inches tall and ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is a musician, actor and content creator known for his skits on Vine and Youtube. Born in Florida, he started his career doing impressions of popular characters online. Since then, he has garnered millions of views and subscribers on the internet.

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