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Virginity Apocalypse

The Collectible

“What’s up everyone, it’s Cr1TiKaL. It’s a big day today, I’ve been working out, growing longer hair and found a sacred weapon from the depths of the Reddit dimension that will make me better at chess, speedruns and acting. Let’s do this.” From the imagination of the community member and artist Lars P. and a little help from the Youtooz team comes a figurine that will boost your testosterone levels exponentially. The figure’s overall theme is the past and present popular videos of Cr1TiKaL combined together into one piece, and the same is reflected on the box. We’ll get to that later. The figure has Mr. Moist standing on a mountaintop with a broken & expensive juicer giving a warcry to anyone that dares to stand in his way, he holds the latest book by Genghis Swan with magic emanating from it to make collectible cards charge a devastating attack. The other hand has him hold the legendary Fleshlight Sword with blue electricity flowing around the blade, trust us when we say it’s The Real deal but better. The outer box has a lot of detail. It has cards flying around the chessboard with a familiar face among the cards, with purple accents throughout the box. The inside of the box has him surrounded by magic cards with a spiral design on them. The embossed sleeve isn’t wasted when it comes to the design department, but we’ll let you see how it looks when you get it. Other than that, this is probably an 85% on the Moist Meter.

About Cr1TiKaL

Charlie White, also known as Penguinz0 or Cr1TiKaL, is a commentator on Youtube known for his dry humor. Originally a gaming channel, Cr1TiKaL's sarcasm, wit and deep, monotonous voice has gained him a following amounting in millions of subscribers. When not recording, you can find him somewhere in the state of Florida.