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The Collectible

Deep in the pumpkin patch Welyn’s grim reaper is sneaking around. Standing at 4.5 inches in height, this boney collectible comes wearing a grim reaper hood and holding a scythe. Beware as he reaches forward looking for a soul to steal. If you are in possession of this collectible, you are automatically designated epic gamer of the highest calibre and an elite member of the pumpkin gang. The packaging is inspired by a field of pumpkins with Welyn’s scythe in the center. The figure comes in a matte, embossed protective outer sleeve.

About Welyn

Welyn is a cheeky gaming creator, primarily making Rust videos centered around his experience! An OG user of Youtube with an account registered in August of 2008, Welyn’s channel and subsequent recognizable grim reaper avatar have grown to millions of viewers and subscribers. Like and subscribe or the pumpkin gets it!

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