Sea of Thieves
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Pirate Pumpkin Voyage

The Collectible

You ready to do some pirate stuff? It's about diving head-first into the Lion's den, gritting your teeth and just lying there, hiding from the prying eyes of your enemies in the most unlikely of spots, risking it all with no back up plan in the belly of the beast. Who rules the waves? Surfing on a plank, propped up by blue and white waves, the Sea of Thieves version of Welyn is here! This is an official collaboration between Youtooz, Welyn and Sea of Thieves. Welyn wears his usual grim reaper outfit, while holding a pirate scythe and wearing a detailed hat, complete with his orange pumpkin, as well as multi colored green, red, pink and purple feathers. He points forward, as he continues to float toward new horizons. His double-walled window box contains an illustration of an abandoned island, as well as a map to buried treasure. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Welyn

Welyn is a cheeky gaming creator, making cinematic story-based videos centered around his experiences in the games he plays! An OG user of Youtube with an account registered in August of 2008, Welyn’s channel and subsequent recognizable grim reaper avatar have grown to millions of viewers and subscribers. Like and subscribe or the pumpkin gets it!

About Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a beautiful first person multiplayer game filled with pirates, sea battles and buried treasure. Board a pirate ship and explore the seas, while looting your way through adventure and riches.