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Lock the door, close your blinds and get ready to learn about some new horrors as you take trembling sips from Wendigoon’s welcoming head! Made of ceramic, this mug is beautifully sculpted in Wendigoon’s ‘likeness’ with a white bony face and vibrant green eyes shining from its sockets as two rows of pointed teeth stretch into a wide smile. With two short antlers sticking out from the thick black hair that covers the back of the mug, a sturdy brown handle is attached to its side for heavy lifting. Not a coffee person? Don't worry! You can fill his head with trinkets, a plant or anything your heart desires! Wendigoon would prefer to be hand-washed but is perfectly microwave and dishwasher-safe. Watch him spin round and round in the microwave as he prepares his next dreadful lesson!

About Wendigoon

Wendigoon is an American YouTuber known for his horror and true crime-themed content. He is best known for his "iceberg explained" videos in which subscribers create iceberg diagrams of various topics ranging from Bible Theory to Conspiracy Theories. With his videos, Wendigoon has amassed nearly 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel!

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