Wilbur Simp
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The Collectible

The internet ruined me. Hey, it's Wilbur. I think you accidentally blocked me on everything else so I'm reaching out in this Youtooz description. Look, I know we haven't really spoken much in the past few years but I still really like you and wish you'd think about a future together. Please find it in your heart to forgive yourself for what you did to me and message me back. I am far better and faster than any man you've ever known. I can run like, several knots faster than any guy you name. Any. Try it. Go on... I'm faster. Anyway, please let me into your heart (and your house). Wilbur sits on a stack of broken 90s era computer monitors, and equipment wearing all black and a beautifully sculpted guitar across his back ready to sing you his next song. His double-walled window box was modeled after pieces of the early internet and desktop computers, with classic keyboard keys floating around on a dark background. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, outer protective sleeve.

About Wilbur Soot

Karen still hasn't called. Wilbur Soot is known for being the internet's official nice guy and elite gamer man. When he's not lazily strumming an acoustic guitar in unwanted situations (parties, funerals, tax evaluations) he's hitting the slopes, and by slopes I mean Minecraft. He's playing Minecraft.

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