Wilbur Soot
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Acoustic Orca

The Collectible

In partnership with Wilbur Soot, Youtooz is proud to unveil this limited edition collectible. Merging music with visual art, Wilbur stands 4.5 inches tall in his classic beanie, acoustic guitar and orca. Rumor has it adding this figure to your collection increases your music skill +3 instantly.

The packaging was designed in collaboration with Wilbur, taking inspiration from 1990s software. We reminisce killing time when our computers froze by dragging around error messages to make patterns on the display. The protective sleeve is styled after an old school PC casing.

About Wilbur Soot

Karen still hasn't called. Wilbur Soot is known for being the internet's official nice guy and elite gamer man. When he's not lazily strumming an acoustic guitar in unwanted situations (parties, funerals, tax evaluations) he's hitting the slopes, and by slopes I mean Minecraft. He's playing Minecraft.

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