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The Collectible

Been to the moon several times, used to work for steven bills, huge pluto nash fan, loves cheeseburgers, and just way better…. at everything. Wildcat has been turned into a Youtooz! Standing 4.7 inches tall, holding a cheeseburger in one hand, banana in the other, this figure has a sculpted snout, hat, trademark zebra patterned pants and is not afraid to hurl an insult your way! Designed in collaboration with Wildcat, both figure and packaging combine elements of Wildcat’s favorite games to paint a picture of his dream world. Follow the purple road and immerse yourself in Wildcat’s universe with this figure.

About Wildcat

I AM WILDCAT also known as Tyler is a creator living in the Untied States of America best known for his let’s plays and gaming content. His famous for his exploding rage, laugh and ability to hurl a number of insults at you. With over 1,000 videos, Wildcat has grown to be a recognizable figure in the community.