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I may be inhumanly beautiful, but I don’t have super human senses.

The beautiful and cunning Yennefer makes her grand entrance to Youtooz! Sculpted at 4.6 inches, Yennefer is standing with a pose that exudes calmness yet confidence. Her hair is styled with a side part and her blue-black hair shines. With her left hand resting on her hip, her right hand is out to her side with her palm upward, holding a blue flame. She is accessorized with her star necklace around her neck and her outfit is a uniform made with a blue, brown and white color palette. She has a fierce yet determined look on her face with her distinguished mole towards the bottom left of her mouth. The exterior of her double-walled packaging shows the middle of the forest with fires scattered around and bloodied weapons on the ground. The interior is a light blue to white faded background with red flames towards the bottom and The Witcher symbol printed in the center. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About The Witcher

The Witcher is a 2007 action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red and is based on the fantasy novel series written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world and follows the journey of Geralt of Rivia, who is a monster hunter with supernatural powers, also known as a Witcher.

CD PROJEKT®, The Witcher®*, are registered trademarks of CD PROJEKT Capital Group. The Witcher games © CD PROJEKT S.A. All rights reserved. The Witcher games are set in the universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski in his series of books.

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