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Strawberry Double Cup

The Collectible

The coolest, double cup holding, designer wearing strawberry is here. This collectible styles Yumi with his green hair, strawberry head, enormous grin and designer sneakers. In his hands he holds a double cup of purple liquid and a pair of sunglasses. Yumi's window box is drawn to resemble an ice-cream shop, with the only flavor available being strawberry. The figure ships in a protective, embossed outer sleeve.

About Yumi

Yumi started his YouTube channel in 2012 trickshotting. He has taken all of swag and finesse that he acquired as a young lad and brought into the RB6 scene in 2015. With a combination of funny moments and top tier gameplay, Yumi is on the rise to be one of the biggest RB6 creators in existence. He is now apart of the Nonsense House. Fruit Salad Yumi Yumi!

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