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Sidemen FC
May 4–11

The Collectible

Kneeling down proudly, camera in one hand, #SidemenFC trophy in the other, styled in his No Snakes Just Ladders tee and satchel, Josh Zerker, also known as Zerkaa has been created in the Youtooz universe. The first of the Sidemen to start on Youtube, Zerkaa has been popular in a variety of games. His sculpt sees him dressed down, ready to shoot at a moments notice. The shiny trophy is engraved with #SidemenFC to capture a an iconic moment in Sidemen history. The matte, embossed protective sleeve bears the Sidemen logo with the letter 'N' visible from the rear.

About Zerkaa

Hey guys and welcome back, Joshua Bradley also known of Zerkaa is a creator originally from South East London. He joined Youtube in 2009 and has been active ever since. He's known for his bizarre quotes and sense of humor.