Cheems Doge
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The Collectible

Big happy. The original Cheems! Balltze has become a Youtooz! Remind him he's a good boy. Developed in collaboration with owner Kathy, this cute 3.5 inch collectible aims to capture the essence of what it means to be Cheems. A great figure to pair Swole Doge, this collectible is seated while giving you the side eye. The double-walled window box is inspired by the interior of Kathy’s home and sees a collection of Shiba Inus playing! This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Balltze

Balltze is an 11 year old Shibu Inu living in Hong Kong. Initially gaining internet popularity in 2017 on Instagram, Balltze is the original Cheems and has spawned thousands of memes over the past few years.

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