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Glam Dan

The Collectible

‘It’s me Dan, but with more glam’

Dan’s back and snazzier than ever as he returns for his 3rd Youtooz! Standing at 4.4 inches tall and busting out a song and dance with a microphone held in his right hand, an open smile stretches across his face as his long brown fringe is swept over to the side. Wearing an orange jacket with bright red shoulders over his diamond printed t-shirt, his light pants lead into tall orange boots as holding onto his legs are the most adorable pair of GlamrockPugs as the perfect band mates! The exterior of his packaging sees him standing atop the steps of an illuminated stage, while the interior puts you behind the bright screens of a security office. The protective sleeve has Dan standing in front of Freddy, Chica, Monty, and Roxy as they play their respective instruments, while his figure can be seen through the large clear display window at its front. This collectible was designed in collaboration with the community member @therealracckun and ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.Just found out I’m actually 5’7 💔

About DanTDM

Dan TDM (formerly The Diamond Minecart) is an English Youtuber, Twitch streamer, actor and author from the United Kingdom. He is known for his wide variety of gaming content and commentary and for being one of the largest creators on YouTube with billions of views across his many videos.

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