JackSucksAtLife Plush (1ft)
$34.99 USD
Footlong Diamond Playbutton

The Plush

At 12 inches in height, JackSucksAtLife plush is released into the wild! This detailed plush features many colors. Jack wears multi-colored socks (toes sticking out) and a tri-color sweater with a hood. His face features careful embroidery of eyes, mouth and eyebrows, the same is seen in between his fingers for additional detailing. He's stuffed to the seems with 100% PP-cotton, making him extra delicate and huggable. His brown hair is soft and puffy, making him a perfect partner to binge watch Youtube with. In his hands he holds a luxurious, plush diamond play button, inspired by his exploits on the platform and in the community. This plush ships in beautifully illustrated packaging to protect it on its journey to you.

About JackSucksAtLife

Jack Massey Welsh, also known as JackSucksAtLife is a content creator from the United Kingdom. Known for his extensive collection of Youtube play buttons, he loves creating content about Youtube awards and his subscribers!

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