Traffic Cone Becky Plush (1ft)
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Footlong Pylon

The Plush

Traffic cone Becky! After fooling a Tesla into thinking she is a real traffic cone many many times, Becky is now reincarnated as a soft plushie! With soft strands of hair, an embroidered smile, two hands and white/orange traffic cone with a blue base, at one foot in height, she is packed full of soft 100% PP-cotton. Her smiling expression makes her a great companion to the JackSucksAtLife plush. This collectible ships in water proof packaging for maximum protection from the elements

About JackSucksAtLife

Jack Massey Welsh, also known as JackSucksAtLife is a content creator from the United Kingdom. Known for his extensive collection of Youtube play buttons, he loves creating content about Youtube awards and his subscribers!

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