RIPnDIP X Godzilla Tee
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The Shirt

You know what goes with everything? A black tee. You know what else goes with everything? RIPnDip and Godzilla! With a crossover so hot it's practically on fire, Youtooz is here to serve up the brand new Godzilla X Youtooz collab with this stylish all black tee printed with Nermal chilling on the front wearing his best Godzilla costume! While the back shows off a huge design of Godzilla laying waste to the tall buildings of Youtooz and RIPnDIP HQs, sending bright yellow streaks of explosions and fire shooting out of the destruction while Nermal sits unfazed at the front of the wreckage.

About RipNDip

Founded in 2009 in Orlando, Florida by Ryan O'Connor, RipNDip is a Los Angeles based clothing brand known for its presence in the skate world, and badass feline mascot — Lord Nermal.

About Godzilla

Godzilla, the original kaiju and king of the monsters, is a giant fire-breathing prehistoric sea creature who was awakened by powerful weapons testing. Since its debut in the titular 1954 film which fathered the giant monster genre, Godzilla has taken on dozens of forms and fought even more spectacular foes in its nearly 70 years in pop culture.

Godzilla TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.

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